I Am.U.C. Outreach for Girls, llc

"Promoting more happier and confident young girls."


    (I AM.U.C.) is an organization for girls ages 5-18. (I AM.U.C.) was founded by Nicole Wofford Dillon, M.Ed, a resident of Savannah, Georgia.   (I AM.U.C.) is the acronym for (I AM Under Construction). It is defined as "I" am a work in progress. "I" am building myself on a firm foundation.  "I" am defining and embracing my self-worth.  "I" am bringing forth the power I have within to be a confident young lady who is totally in love with myself both inside and out. "I" am confident. "I" am Bold. "I" am ......  

(I Am.U.C.)'s purpose is "For young teenage girls to build a solid foundation of love for self. For young girls to accept the power within oneself and embrace wholeness. They will be able to look into the mirror and tell "it" how beautiful she is, instead of placing their focus on physical flaws, as they do not make the individual who she is. Young girls will be able to stand confidently and say "I" Am who you see!"

Young girls will be able to not only define their self-worth but allow it to positively affect their life choices. This organization is designed to educate, encourage, motivate and inspire young girls as they journey into womanhood.... (the right way)


*To provide a solid foundation of love for self to conquer low self-esteem. 

*To encourage girls to live a life that is pleasing.

*To define "self-respect" and encourage young girls to embrace it.     

*To give insight on wholeness and tell how it is important to be complete inside and out. 

*To motivate young girls to take hold of the power they possess over their life choices and bodies.    

*To train young girls to live healthy, eat healthy and exercise.    

*For every young girl participant to gain a sense of appreciation, love and respect for self, encouraged, inspired, motivated and ready to take the right path to womanhood.  

*To emphasize the importance of education, careers and successful futures.