I Am.U.C. Outreach for Girls, llc

"Promoting more happier and confident young girls."

Nicole Wofford Dillon, Ed.S
(Founder, Coordinator)
(Founder of The Miss Self-Esteem Pageant, Savannah, Georgia) 

"I" am Nicole Wofford Dillon (Mrs.Niki), a native of Savannah, Georgia.  I am married to my best friend, Marcus Dillon.  I am the daughter of two wonderful parents Eric and Margaret Wofford and the youngest and only sister of the beautiful and greatest sister ever, Erica Gaines. 
I am a proud graduate of Armstrong Atlantic State University. There I received my Bachelors in Middle Grades Education as well as my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with specialization in English. I recently obtained by Specialist Degree in English from NOVA Southeastern University.  I am currently a teacher in Savannah, Georgia. I absolutely love what I do!!!  Since I was a child I had a passion for teaching. I was determined to become what I dreamed.  I have a passion for teaching and implementing life skills such as character and survival skills for facing challenging obstacles throughout paths we may take.  I seek to impact the lives of each student I encounter in such a way that I encourage them to seek a fulfilling destiny. Also, to make great choices today that will positively impact their tomorrow. 

I am an active community civilian and very active within my church home.   I am excited to see God working!!! I am excited to be used by God to be a vessel and do His work. 

                I was driven to organize (I Am.U.C.) Outreach for Girls primarily due to my own insecurities I experienced throughout my younger years.  During my youthful years, I battled with my self-esteem. I battled mostly with my identity as I tried to "fit in" with what was deemed to be cool among those I selected to associate myself with.  As I grew and matured, I began to appreciate, accept, love and represent who God made me. I began to represent, respect and accept my originality, individuality and leadership. I began to accept "me." 

              As an adult, I am excited about (I Am.U.C.) within the community. I find it imperative to educate, inspire and motivate young girls as they journey into womanhood and as they seek out their identity.  I hope to see young ladies grow into womanhood "The right way." I am Blessed to have accepted this calling and impact the lives of each young lady that I encounter. 

             I am excited to see where God takes this organization and these awesome young ladies that select to journey into awesomeness!!!!